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The Problem of Seeing Slowly (Part 3)

Seeing slowly is essential to the process of painting. Painting requires slow and persistent observation because there is much happening.  We are doing at least three things – observing, composing, and painting.  When a novelist begins writing a story a similar thing happens.  They need to have a plot – a direction and purpose they […]


The Problem of Seeing (Part 2)

As we have suggested before – the problem of painting may not be as critical as the problem of seeing.  Learning to see may present a much more significant problem for the beginning artist and even for the experienced artist.  Often when I am teaching in a classroom or on location I will observe a […]


The Problem of Seeing

One of the main difficulties artists face when they paint on location is the problem of seeing “correctly”.  To see an object as it is and to reproduce that accurately is no easy task as we all know.  Several difficulties immediately seem to jump out at us.  First of all the object we are trying […]


Intro to seeing slowly

For some years now I have been considering writing some articles about painting that perhaps could be constructed into a book.  Since I am retiring I thought this might be a good time to start.  There are many very capable books about painting that go into far more detail than I would and written by […]


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