How to Buy Art

There is no manual that can really help us here and there shouldn’t be.  This is a decision that is usually involves spontaneity and passion and so it should. 

Parallels have been drawn between buying art and falling in love and indeed they are similar and also involve some of the same risks.  The risk is that something about a work of art can catch your eye very quickly but may not have the longevity you anticipated.  You “fell in love” but unfortunately you fell at the shallow end of the pool.  It might be that there was a colour in the piece that you just “loved” but in reality it is just a “trendy” colour.  So it is fair to ask: “What is it about this piece that I like?”  If you find that this piece takes you on a journey – perhaps a nostalgic or emotional journey that leaves you wanting to go further – that is a good sign.  Good art tends to grow with you and changes as the years go by like good stories.  When people look at a piece of art and then begin to speak saying: “That reminds me of the time….” that is significant.  Art has amazing powers.   

In my home I make art the focus of the room.  I do not hang the art to co-ordinate with colours or features.  I arrange the furniture and room to draw attention to the art.  The art in my home speaks of my life and represents important stories and values that are dear to me.  I like it when I can go into a home, see the art and have some understanding of the people in the home.  Your art is part of your story so your choice should reflect your person.  You can do this, I know you can.